Annual Parish Council Meeting REPORTS 2017/18

A number of annual reports were received at the Annual Parish Meeting held on 19 April 2018.   The reports may be read here in the order:

Sevenoaks District Councillors:

Cllr Pat Bosley

Cllr Faye Parkin

Kent County Councillor David Brazier

Fawkham Village Hall Management Committee

Fawkham and Hartley Parochial Church Council

Kent CC Warden

Fawkham CE Primary School

Fawkham Parish Council Accounts


2018-05-13-Cllr Bosley report
2018-05-13-Report from Councillor Faye Parkin
2018-05-13-CllrDavidBrazierKCC report
2018-05-13-ReporParochialChurch 2018
2018-05-13-FPCEOYAccounts 2018